Thursday, 28 October 2010

dressed up

Salut mes amis!!

The other week some friends organized a dress up party with the theme: men as women, women as men.

It was great fun, I could sit with my legs spread wide open, making sure that my 'dick' (the sock down my trousers) was still there, burp and be obnoxious with the 'girls', it was quite liberating being a horrible man for one evening hahahaha

We all took new names for the evening, I was Loco, in this picture with my women 'Joseline'

Here with my mate 'Pierre' (and now I have grown a mustach hihi)

And the host 'Crazy K' and her woman 'Sabrina' and in the background the son 'André'

Part from that I work and I work and I work, not much else going on.... but work is great and I'm very very happy!
Next week my parents will come see me for five days! yay!!!

Hope all of you are doing great, wherever in the world you may be!
Keep smiling :-)

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  1. This is too funny! I think I would like to dress up as a man for an evening, I have a feeling it would be much more relaxing :-)