Sunday, 8 August 2010

now looking for work!

Salut mes amis!!

I have now fiiiiinally finished school, after almost 9 months it is veeeery strange not to have class every day!

'Graduated' with honours! Got the highest grade possible and both my teacher and the director told me that they have never had a student before who started with the lowest level and finished with the highest grades, that makes me very happy!

Even though that doesn't seem to matter, its not easy peasy to find a job... don't they realise how fantastic I am? :-)

The last couple of weeks have also been full of goodbyes... I hate them even though I know its part of the expat life...

Stefanie, fantastic girl from Switzerland, she spent 4 weeks in my class, I said goodbye to her end of July....

Johanne, my first flatmate here in Nice left last week after spending 1 year in France...

again, Johanne......and also Cecilia, a great swedish crazy girl!

Girls, I miss you and I hope that you'll come back soon!!! xxx

Aaaaand, this photo is from my last week in school, one day a photographer came to school and after the official pictures we all took silly pics with our teacher Nicolas. A marker pen fight - thats just a normal day in school....or...?

My super teacher Elisabet, me and lovely Ann, my favourites!

Then during the weekend it was time for a surprise birthday party for Frank, a friend of my frenchie-frog-boyfriend. It was full on honululu party!!

I think he liked the suprise :-)

...and oh la la what a suprise when one of his friends, who works as fireman/life guard, shows up dressed like Pam Anderson with the Baywatch music blasting in the background! It was priceless, I'm amazed that I managed to take photos cause I was laughing so much I was crying!

and of course we all took turns trying on the wig. Cool to be blond but I think I'll keep my black hair :-)

Finally time for birthday cake!! with 'special' candles that never went out haha, he had to put them in his drink!!

Well, thats it really, the only thing I have in 'pipe line' is that I have to go to Paris to have a new passport made (since I accidentally throw it in the trash a few months ago....maybe I really am BLOND haha) aaaaaand the job hunt goes on, cross your fingers for me!

Keep smiling :-)

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  1. Hi, I just ready your blog entries since you were first time in Nice. I am wondering, which school did you go to?