Sunday, 18 July 2010

hot hot hot!!


Life has been busy, as per usual, since midsummer. Its been up and a little bit down, lots of fun stuff but also the sadness of saying goodbye to Camilla who has gone back home to Denmark.

This is at the roof top terrace at Aston Hotel, I love this place!!

I finally went to the Chagall museum, the guy does pretty weird stuff but I kind of like it!

and outside the museum is a beautiful garden
with loads of lavender!

super cocktails for the last night out with Camilla, this is at Les Ideals in the old town.
Another night at Aston Hotel
My old flatmate Micheala came to Nice for a few days, it was great to catch up!

Another museum, yes I have been very into culture this month!
This is a chinese guy who is creating his art with gun powder, reeeaaallyyy coooool!
he also did a broken ship filled with broken plates.... didn't really get that one....

Then a day up in the mountains, by the river Esteron, it was faaaantastic!! A big picnic with good friends and a whole day fighting the current in the river!

And then last week my sister and her family came to visit me! We had a great time, this is at Coco Beach.
On the way we spotted this, someone has moved white stones to make a heart! Adorable!!

14th of July, Vive la revolution!! vive la republique!! We did a picnic on the beach and watched the fireworks (even though I was not very impressed... it was a bit boring, but these pictures are from the grand final and that was pretty good)

Its super hot in Nice, I love it!! I hope you all are enjoying a great summer!!
Keep smiling :-)

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  1. AnonymousJuly 22, 2010

    Somebody's following your awesome life in Nice far far away in Argentina and keeps smiling more than usual when reading your blog.. J