Sunday, 4 March 2012

One week left - encore une semaine

My last week at work..... veeery strange!

And since I'm a true frenchie now, I've been complaining about my job since I started and now.. its almost like I will miss it..... well, almost haha, no really, working as a salesman is not my thing, I hate sucking up to clients who are bloody champions of the world in being arseholes! But my colleagues oh lala, that's something else, what a great team - my girls are the best!! I'll be leaving with my heart filled to the brink with wonderful memories!!

Keep smiling :-)


Demain commence ma dernière semaine au boulot......trooop bizarre!!! et comme je suis une bonne française j'y ai passé un an en râlent et maintenant c'est presque comme ça va me ben... presque haha!

Non vraiment, le travail comme vendeuse est la merde, je deteste ramper pour les clients qui sont des emmerdeuses de très haut niveau! Mais mes collégues, oh la la quelle bande de filles magnifiques!! Je partirai avec un coeur plein des souvenirs chaleureux!!!

Gardez le sourire :-)

Long time no see

Hey everyone!
I've decided to re-open my blog and to do it in english and in french. After 2,5 years in Nice I moving back to Sweden. I'm nervous, happy, sad - all mixed together!
So.... now I'm looking forward to great adventures!

Keep smiling :-)


Salut tout le monde!
J'ai décidé de réouvrir mon blog et de le faire en anglais et en français. Après 2,5 ans à Nice je pars bientôt pour la Suéde! Je suis nerveuse, contente, triste - tout en même temps!
Et voilà, j'attends des grandes aventures!!!

Gardez le sourire :-)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

dressed up

Salut mes amis!!

The other week some friends organized a dress up party with the theme: men as women, women as men.

It was great fun, I could sit with my legs spread wide open, making sure that my 'dick' (the sock down my trousers) was still there, burp and be obnoxious with the 'girls', it was quite liberating being a horrible man for one evening hahahaha

We all took new names for the evening, I was Loco, in this picture with my women 'Joseline'

Here with my mate 'Pierre' (and now I have grown a mustach hihi)

And the host 'Crazy K' and her woman 'Sabrina' and in the background the son 'André'

Part from that I work and I work and I work, not much else going on.... but work is great and I'm very very happy!
Next week my parents will come see me for five days! yay!!!

Hope all of you are doing great, wherever in the world you may be!
Keep smiling :-)

Friday, 8 October 2010

la vie est belle!

Salut mes amis!

oh la la, life is goooood!! After one month on the shop floor selling handbags and scarfs I have now been offered a real job! A 'CDI' ,which means a permanant job, at the departement for client relations! I will do my last day on the 'floor' tomorrow and then I start my new exciting job on Monday - yay yay yay I'm soooo happy!!!

So for the last month I have been working a lot, my feet have been in so much pain and soon that will come to an end! With my new job I will be at a desk sitting down, can't wait!

What else has happened... Camilla, my dear friend from Denmark was here for a weekend, we went to the beach, had dinner and drinks and lots lots of gossip.

I will end with some observations from the day to day life in France.....
- considering the number of small dogs in department stores I am amazed that I haven't seen a pee-pee accident yet
- I just love that when the bus drivers are on their break they sit calmely in their seat smoking a cigarette

Now its time to start preparing a yummie dinner! A bientot!

Keep smiling :-)

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

a job!!!

Salut mes amis!

I have finally found a job!!! wwwwweeeeiiiiii I'm sooooo happy!!

At Les Galeries Lafayette in the accessories department. Galeries Lafayette is a very old, very big and very posh department store founded in Paris in the late 1800's, it opened its doors in Nice 1919!

Getting work here is a bit different than in Sweden... they put me through this huge interview with a massive personality test and then questions about my CV and experiences and then a mini trial when I was being observed working in one of the departments for about 30 minutes (wearing a microphone and all, very James Bond haha)
....... and after all that they offer me a super short contract of three weeks... but my friends tell me not to worry, thats the way it works, if they like me after three weeks then they'll extend the contract, so its like a trial.

I'm all psyched up to start working monday, I will do my absolute best to be the most ambitious saleswoman in the world!! Please cross your fingers for me!

Keep smiling :-)

Monday, 23 August 2010

paris paris paris....

Salut mes amis!!

Ok, Paris - check! 6 hours on the train and et voila Paris! Arrived tuesday afternoon and walked around for a bit, then I met up with Camille, the sister of my friend Karine. I stayed at her place, veeeery good for my budget, hotels are not cheap in Paris this time of year!

She lives in this really cool area, like a little old town in the middle of the city, narrow cobbled streets with bars where everyone knows everyone!

The next day I got up early to visit the embassy and finally get my passport.... well get and get... photos, finger prints, pay a fortune and then wait 2,5 weeks before I can pick it up here in Nice at the consulate...but it is done now and soon I'll have a passport aaaaaand then I can start planning for future travels :-)

After the embassy I visited the museum Rodin, one of the most famous french sculpturer.

My favourite, 'the thinker'

The garden is huuuge and absolutely magnificent!

I love all the different metro signs in Paris!

I mangaged to catch a glimpse of the Eiffel tower

The Pantheon

The Luxembourg gardens, a fantastic place of tranquility in the middle of the city

Saturday we went to Italy! Lionel is really the best boyfriend ever, I was saying friday night 'oh, I would really like to have a real italian pizza' and et voila, the next day we hopped on the motorbike and went to Italy to have pizza! Afterwards we spent the day on the beach. It was a perfect day!!

....and this guy hahahaha, I just had to take a picture, he is wearing swim trunks that are shimmery in a metallic kind of disco queen way hahaha and he thought he was the coolest guy on the beach! it was 100% entertainment to have him next to us all afternoon!!!

Keep smiling :-)

Sunday, 8 August 2010

now looking for work!

Salut mes amis!!

I have now fiiiiinally finished school, after almost 9 months it is veeeery strange not to have class every day!

'Graduated' with honours! Got the highest grade possible and both my teacher and the director told me that they have never had a student before who started with the lowest level and finished with the highest grades, that makes me very happy!

Even though that doesn't seem to matter, its not easy peasy to find a job... don't they realise how fantastic I am? :-)

The last couple of weeks have also been full of goodbyes... I hate them even though I know its part of the expat life...

Stefanie, fantastic girl from Switzerland, she spent 4 weeks in my class, I said goodbye to her end of July....

Johanne, my first flatmate here in Nice left last week after spending 1 year in France...

again, Johanne......and also Cecilia, a great swedish crazy girl!

Girls, I miss you and I hope that you'll come back soon!!! xxx

Aaaaand, this photo is from my last week in school, one day a photographer came to school and after the official pictures we all took silly pics with our teacher Nicolas. A marker pen fight - thats just a normal day in school....or...?

My super teacher Elisabet, me and lovely Ann, my favourites!

Then during the weekend it was time for a surprise birthday party for Frank, a friend of my frenchie-frog-boyfriend. It was full on honululu party!!

I think he liked the suprise :-)

...and oh la la what a suprise when one of his friends, who works as fireman/life guard, shows up dressed like Pam Anderson with the Baywatch music blasting in the background! It was priceless, I'm amazed that I managed to take photos cause I was laughing so much I was crying!

and of course we all took turns trying on the wig. Cool to be blond but I think I'll keep my black hair :-)

Finally time for birthday cake!! with 'special' candles that never went out haha, he had to put them in his drink!!

Well, thats it really, the only thing I have in 'pipe line' is that I have to go to Paris to have a new passport made (since I accidentally throw it in the trash a few months ago....maybe I really am BLOND haha) aaaaaand the job hunt goes on, cross your fingers for me!

Keep smiling :-)

Sunday, 18 July 2010

hot hot hot!!


Life has been busy, as per usual, since midsummer. Its been up and a little bit down, lots of fun stuff but also the sadness of saying goodbye to Camilla who has gone back home to Denmark.

This is at the roof top terrace at Aston Hotel, I love this place!!

I finally went to the Chagall museum, the guy does pretty weird stuff but I kind of like it!

and outside the museum is a beautiful garden
with loads of lavender!

super cocktails for the last night out with Camilla, this is at Les Ideals in the old town.
Another night at Aston Hotel
My old flatmate Micheala came to Nice for a few days, it was great to catch up!

Another museum, yes I have been very into culture this month!
This is a chinese guy who is creating his art with gun powder, reeeaaallyyy coooool!
he also did a broken ship filled with broken plates.... didn't really get that one....

Then a day up in the mountains, by the river Esteron, it was faaaantastic!! A big picnic with good friends and a whole day fighting the current in the river!

And then last week my sister and her family came to visit me! We had a great time, this is at Coco Beach.
On the way we spotted this, someone has moved white stones to make a heart! Adorable!!

14th of July, Vive la revolution!! vive la republique!! We did a picnic on the beach and watched the fireworks (even though I was not very impressed... it was a bit boring, but these pictures are from the grand final and that was pretty good)

Its super hot in Nice, I love it!! I hope you all are enjoying a great summer!!
Keep smiling :-)

Sunday, 27 June 2010

time flies...

Saluuuuuut mes amiiiiis!!!
yup, time flies when you're having fun... June has been a BUSY month!

First of all, I have moved in with my boyfriend, this picture is the view from my bus stop! not bad hey... ?
I now live in an area called Fabron, very posh and very nice, our compound has a biiiig swimming pool! its pretty far away from the city centre, so its a bit different than when I lived on the most busy party-street in the old town!

The 6th of June, the national day of Sweden, my friend Jill (to the left in the photo) had a closing party for her little cafe/creperia. We are all so sad that she is closing! but it was a fab party!!

Then, the next day, my friend Madelene came to visit me!!! for a whole week!! yaaaay!!

This is the view of the harbour, we went there one night for dinner and had the most fantastic moules frites!! Highly recommended!!

Madelene just had to pose in front of this yacht.... there is an internal joke going on about this one... :-)
We had a 'normal' thursday dinner at home... fois gras and champagne on a thursday is normal when you live here! God, I love living in France !!!

Nice was celebrating its 150 years anniversary of being a part of France this week, so there was plenty of things going on in the city. Friday night we went to this huge outdoor concert with the Nice Philharmonia orchestra who played Beethoven, the 9th symphony. It was amazing!

After that it was time to party, dancing on the tables at Wayne's, its a must when you're visiting Nice:-)

The french airforce did a fantastic air show!

Almost time to move... so last girl's dinner at my house, but this time no grand cooking, bubbly and pizza!

My friend Karine, kissing her hubbie Duc in this picture, had a vernissage for some of her paintings at a small artistic cafe. After that dinner and drinks, a great night!
some of Karine's work

Loads of things are going on in Nice now, last week it was Nice music festival! Music all over the city, big arrangements like this one, big stage with several groups playing all through the night...
... or bars with DJs and people dancing like crazy in the streets!
AND friday was midsummer, the biggest party in Sweden!! I had found a swedish restaurant and could buy swedish herring, we made potato salad and everyone brought lots of pic-nic food, we had a big party on the beach and it was fantastic!!

and last but not the least... this is me dancing 'små grodorna' it means 'little frogs' and its a song/dance for the children on midsummer, but we all love it and do it regardless of age. We were about 4 swedes and my french friends loved our little show of dance and song!
so my dear friends, that was the update for June!
Keep smiling :-)